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Iraq statue-smashing video sparks outrage

Saturday 28 February 2015, by siawi3


Baghdad, February 28, 2015

A video of jihadists in Iraq gleefully smashing ancient statues to pieces with sledgehammers sparked global outrage and fears on Friday that more of the world’s oldest heritage will be destroyed.

The destruction of priceless Assyrian and other artefacts from the main museum and an archeological site in the northern city of Mosul drew comparisons with the 2001 dynamiting of the Bamiyan buddhas in Afghanistan.

Archaeologists and heritage experts called for urgent action to protect the remains of some of oldest civilisations in the world and the U.N. cultural agency demanded an emergency meeting of the Security Council.
“This attack is far more than a cultural tragedy — this is also a security issue as it fuels sectarianism, violent extremism and conflict in Iraq,†UNESCO chief Irina Bokova said. — AFP