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UK: Former SWP leader chaired ‘poor Jihadi John’ press conference

Friday 27 February 2015, by siawi3


Thursday 26 February 23:39

With the identity of London-bred ISIS butcher ‘Jihadi John’ revealed by the Washington Post earlier today, the media descended on a press conference by ‘rights group’ CAGE.
When not scratching their heads at perhaps the world’s most notorious living Islamist extremist — real name Mohammed Emwazi — being portrayed as a helpless victim, those familiar with lefty grouplets may have also been wondering why proceedings were marshalled by former leading SWP central committee member John Rees.

Perhaps this quote from Rees is instructive:
“Socialists should unconditionally stand with the oppressed against the oppressor, even if the people who run the oppressed country are undemocratic and persecute minorities, like Saddam Hussein.â€

Or to put it another way:
‘The enemy of Western foreign policy is my friend — even when they’re slitting the throats of innocent aid volunteers and journalists on camera.’