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India - Gujarat: “We want full justice, arrest the accused and don’t free them on bail” cry 2002 victims

Wednesday 4 March 2015, by siawi3


“We want full justice, arrest the accused and don’t free them on bail” cry 2002 victims

Bilkul News, Ahmedabad, Feb 28: Victims, witnesses, relatives, activists and concerned citizens of Ahmedabad and elsewhere gathered to mourn the killings of over 200 of Muslims who were brutally killed in the 2002 riots.
A joint echo of them was that they “will not budge to unjust and unfair government actions through its institutions like police, CBI and so on”.
Two different programmes one a press conference at Prashant (A Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace)
and dharna and demonstration near Sardar baug brought back the memories of 2002 afresh when they gave account of what all they had undergone.
The victims and witnesses repeatedly challenged the government to mend its ways of getting justice to the victims rather than arranging for their free exit in the form of easy bail and reinstating the seriously accused criminals (police officers). The victims said nothing is greater than truth and God is there to give justice to them. They said their country’s law is so powerful and they trusted it fully.

There was a strong voice in favour and support of Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand. The victims gave detailed accounts of how helpful she was and they consider her as an angel and God sent messiah. They lambasted communal forces, politicians and opportunists and blamed them for palying all this tricks on her to defame her as she was the only courageous lady who stood by them in testing times and without her they all said they would have had been landed up in the Central jail instead. They said they were all with Teesta and they will be all the time with her ever.
The victims showed happiness over the Supreme Court’s decision on Teesta.

Jan Sangharsh Manch driven protest and dharna named the 28th Feb as “ekta diwas” wherein Manhjri Sinha, wife of late Dr Mukul Sinha (whose efforts towards getting justice to marginalized were applauded).
Manjhri said the politicians who were behind all this had used Gujarat (Ahmedabad) as a laboratory to experiment various hatred programs of theirs, which they now want to take to the entire country, but, it was high time that people understand their tricks and untie to give a joint fight, forgetting the differences within.”

Shamshad Pathan a bright advocate of 2002 riot blamed “Narendra Modi (the then Chief Minister and now the Prime Minister) to have been the mastermind of 2002 riots and killings of Muslims, he said people should expose such opportunist leaders and party and expose them fighting jointly and getting more and more people into the fold.”
Bharat Jhala a union leader and social activist asked people to not forget and ignore the role of Congress which by remaining inefficient and incompetent for their own vested interests allowed the accused to run scot free and on bail while victims were being harassed till date.
Other social activists like Hiren Gandhi, Zakia Suman, Fr Cedric Prakash, Iyer, Anjum and others spoke on the occasion and pleaded people at large to be sensitive to such issues and fight with them for seeking full justice for the victims and punish the real culprits who they said were today enjoying the top political positions and were controlling the country under their style by way of further polarizing the entire country on the lines of Gujarat – by dividing and ruling to mull the few industrialists and ignoring and victimizing the innocent common man of the country under the myth of ‘development’ and ‘new India dreams’.
Several victims including Nayeem Ansari, Sairaben, Saleem bhai, Isahrat Jehan, Jannatbibi, Yusuf Khan, Majeedbhai spoke to the media at a press conference organised by Prashant.
Victims stressed the need to nab and keep the accused within the jail rather than that the government prosecution was enabling them to go scot free under bail, they feared. They also narrated that they were still living (Naroda Patia – where their near and dear ones were raped, killed and burnt alive before them) there and the recent bails had seen the accused parading before their houses, celebrating by burning crackers and using abusive provocative slogans. They said they were not only very sad and feeling so helpless for not getting full justice but were very scared with the presence of accused being given bail so easily. They blamed state government using its vested and partial means for this.
Slogans against PM Modi, Amit Shah, BJP and the injustice were chanted by the activists and victims gathered in good number.
Absence of Teesta Setalvad and Jafri family members was sensed by one and all. Victims and witnesses lamented the fact that “those who have been siding with the victim-survivors in this quest for justice have been hounded and harassed to no end. A classic case they quote is of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), represented by Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand who have stood resolutely with the victims in the struggle for justice and ensured 126 convictions”. However, the steel determination of the victims and activists they said will not budge till the end.”